Emanuel Charis - Clairvoyant, philosopher, future predictor.


The magician, who pushes the boundaries of the possibilities, gives a new impulse and charges with positive energy, adjusts for success.


Evidence of his success - numerous people’s reviews whom he helped to find happiness in their personal lives, restore health, unfulfilled dreams come true.


The clients are Politicians, businessmen, journalists.


Emanuel Charis assure that with the help of clairvoyance everything in personal life can be settled: love relationships, financial opportunities to build career, marriage, get rid of the curse and black magic, it is possible to return and reunite partners.


The Person who used the energy of success, giving at the Emanuel Charis’s sessions, manage all his problems ad difficulties in his life.


Seminars on clairvoyance.


Master-classes "Philosophy of SUCCESS"


Seminars "Spiritual levels"


Consultations for Directors and Management Departments.


Consultations for Investors


Emanuel Charis is well known in political and business aria. His political prediction

always comes true.


Consultations for Directors and Managers has great success and trust.


Prediction for Investment and Innovation Funds also has great success.


The philosophy of life of Emanuel Charis is a man came to this world to be healthy, successful, loved and happy.


Childhood and teenage time of Emanuel Charis passed in Athens. He felt that he was extraordinary child in earliest age. Often surprised people around, telling about his visions, about the emotions that were stifling him insight at that moments. Only in his teens he learned to understand himself and to manage his visions and premonition. Realization came later that these abilities are part of his personality, his inner world.


Emanuel Charis found his second home in Germany. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.


Spiritual experience


When Emanuel Charis realized that the ability to see the future, predict and change chain of events is not only a gift from God, but also heavy burden and a huge responsibility. He decided to visit the places of the spiritual power, holy places, meet with the spiritual teachers.


He realized then that these divine powers, this magical power can only be used to help people who come for advice, health, happiness and love, luck and success.




Over 20 years of experience, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world received positive results and help from Future Predictor. Evidence of this results is recommendation letters and calls from various people who achieved energy of Success, Love using advice that led to financial well-being.


Helping people under any circumstances is the credo of Emanuel Charis.



"My motivation is to exceed the expectations of my clients."